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We are a coalition of O'ahu residents, homeowners and taxpayers sick and tired of having our peace, Aina, and right to peaceful enjoyment of property violated by the relentless noise of air traffic over our homes, schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, churches, communities, beaches, sacred sites and parks, 24-hours a day. We are proud to be the Honolulu chapter of the National Quiet Skies Coalition


It's high time Hawaii's law & policymakers take a powerful stand and do what's right for residents of O'ahu rather than profits and tourist & airline industry lobbyists. We pay high property & state taxes to live in Hawaii, and yet the serious impact of air traffic pollution to our well-being is not prioritized.The noise from *one aircraft* can impact the well-being of hundreds to thousands of residents in our densely populated island, and we have hundreds of these flights per day. The current lack of regulation is unacceptable. 


We also recognize that tour helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft noise greatly disturbs the sanctity of our lands. For all who wish to connect with the tranquility, spiritual power, beauty and peace of our magnificent islands, or to practice Native Hawaiian ritual and other practices, this incessant aircraft noise destroys these important options.


It is in essence robbing us of our peace in exchange for profit. 


Our coalition has two goals:

1. To abolish tour helicopter flight over all O'ahu residential communities. Due to its high population density, there is likely not a single place on O'ahu, and especially no where along the densely populated central and south-eastern regions, where the noise of a tour helicopter does not disturb residents. We seek a mandate that all tour helicopters be banned from flying over land or anywhere where noise impacts our residents. This includes flights over residential neighborhoods, schools, churches, homes, parks, hospitals, beaches, trails, coastal communities, and places of Native Hawaiian sanctity, either eliminated entirely or far enough off-shore to irrefutably, completely eliminate noise impact. We demand that all tour helicopters have law-enforced height restrictions, designated flight paths, & easy-to-report identification for height and route violations. We demand substantial mandatory penalties be assessed for violations. We demand that law and policymakers for O'ahu and Honolulu cease any further tour helicopter permitting across O'ahu, as currently there are no laws limiting the amount of tour helicopters permitted. We support our neighboring island brothers and sisters in this fight for what is pono and right for our land, people & communities.

2. To mandate that ALL fixed-wing commercial aircraft return to their original, pre-NextGen flight paths several miles offshore. In 2014 the FAA implemented a national program called NextGen, which re-routed aircraft to and from major airports along concentrated "superhighways", with no consideration to the noise impact on residential communities. In 2017 NextGen was phased in to Honolulu Airport. This changed laws and allowed all fixed-wing aircraft (commercial and cargo jets + propellor planes) to arrive into & depart from HNL by flying over south and southeastern O'ahu & Honolulu's residential communities (mostly concentrated over the southeastern H1 freeway corridor & corresponding mountain ranges & coastline), rather than using the routes these planes were mandated to take for DECADES, arriving and departing several miles offshore where they were not heard, and disturbed no one. The original routes worked. 


Currently, commercial and cargo aircraft (in addition tour helicopters) ceaselessly fly over Hawaii-Kai, Kuliouou, Aina Haina, Black Point, Waialae Kahala, Diamond Head, Fort Ruger, Kaimuki, Wilhelmina Rise, Manoa and Makiki residential neighborhoods, 24-hours a day, with late-night & very-early morning cargo and commercial flights regularly waking residents and disturbing sleep. We live on the most densely populated island of all Hawaii, and there is no reason these aircraft should be flying over our communities when they can and should be flying miles over open-ocean, as they originally did, where they disturb no one. This is a very small adjustment for take-off and landing patterns that has a HUGE impact on the physical and mental health, sleep, and well-being of our residents. To allow this situation to be dictated by profit and status-quo instead of community well-being cannot and will not be tolerated. 

In Summary

These issues can be changed by our lawmakers and yet, despite hundreds of complaints to state representatives, most have provide only lip-service and no action. We thank ALL representatives who have chosen to stand up for Hawaii residents. Thank you especially to Congressman Ed Case, and Senator Stanley Chang, for taking an ongoing, active stand for O'ahu's people. 


To all O'ahu residents: your voice is essential! 

We believe all Hawaii residents & visitors have the right to peaceful enjoyment of property, neighborhoods, schools, places of worship, nature and parks, free from the ceaseless disturbance of tour helicopter & fixed-wing aircraft noise. We believe it is our sacred duty to care for the Aina & our people. We believe this is a social, health and environmental crisis in need of immediate action by our law & policymakers.

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Our Vision

A Honolulu, O'ahu and Hawaii where peaceful, quiet skies are restored. Where residents can enjoy their homes, backyards, beaches and parks without tour helicopters violating privacy, being so loud that conversations are interrupted, and where aircraft no longer disturb sleep. A restored peace for our islands, our residents and visitors.

Our Mission

To change laws for O'ahu and support citizen action across the island and all of Hawaii to restore peaceful, quiet skies for residents & visitors. 

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