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Aircraft Noise Keeping You Up At Night? You're Not Alone

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Residents complain of aircraft disturbing sleep & peaceful enjoyment of their communities.

Many East Oahu residents have noticed a change to flight paths over the last 3 years. What most don't know is that there was a law passed by the FAA in 2014, called NextGen, that re-routed flights in cities all across America and created concentrated "superhighways" over residential homes. Oahu was phased in to this program around 2017. This re-routing sought efficiency on a map and does not factor in the impact on residential communities.

Communities from across the entire United States have been severely impacted by the re-routing of jet and propellor routes and some recently have sued the FAA to re-route flights back to their pre-NextGen routes. Both the cities of Seattle, Washington and Phoenix, Arizona, have successfully won in court to re-route their flights back to original paths.

For the last 50 years, flights in and out of Honolulu Airport have flown several miles offshore, over open-ocean where their noise disturbs no one.

Today, due to NextGen incoming and out-bound flights to and from HNL are routed over the H1 freeway and just offshore, over valley & coastal neighborhoods. This means that thousands of residents across East Oahu are severely impacted by the ceaseless noise of high-volume departing and arriving commercial jets and propellor planes, regularly waking residents at all hours and greatly disturbing peace and well-being for our Oahu ohana. Residents regularly write in reporting a loss of sleep, children waking regularly during the night, and damage to their physical and mental well-being from the sense of feeling "surrounded" by flight noise.

This issue CAN be addressed but it requires collaboration from the FAA, Hawaii DOT, and our state representatives.

Pease sign the petition today, contact us if you would like to get involved, and spread the word to your community. Together we can make a change.

You can learn more about NEXTGEN by watching these videos:

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